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How can you make money with google adsense?

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How can you make money with google adsense?

I will tell you all you need to know here, plus there is a very useful free ebook for you to download further down the page.

You can make very high incomes with adsense and once your system is in place, which will require work(!) it's a totally passive income.

At the very bottom of this page there is a link to ALL the best adsense information available on the web, which you will find useful if you decide you want to make serious money with adsense. Click here to see it now but come back for loads of free info & tips!

Well, back to my first question, what is adsense - you have probably noticed that many websites and blogs have small adverts that appear in various positions on the pages with the words ‘google adwords’ near them. The owner of the blog or website has chosen to have ads like these appear on their site.

The main reason for this is because they will earn a small amount every time a visitor to their site clicks on one of those ads to find out more.

The adverts will always be relevant to what the website is about, so the visitor to that site is getting extra information that could be useful to them.

It doesn’t matter whether or not a sale is made - the website owner gets paid just for the click.

Now, imagine if you create a website or blog that starts to attract hundreds or even thousands of visitors a day. On the law of averages a percentage of those visitors will click on some of the adverts.

So, let’s say you have a site with 500 visitors a day and on average 20 - 70 people click on the ads. And let’s say you earn between 10 cents and a dollar per click (the amount varies, more on that soon). Or what if you are getting 1000 visitors a day and 100+ clicks? What if you have many websites?

You can see that this could generate a very nice passive income for you!

The subject matter of your site and popularity of your site will affect how much you are paid per click. If your site is about a very competitive, popular subject you are likely to get paid a good amount per click (even several dollars) compared to if your site is less popular and competitive.

You could create an information website where you sell nothing at all. You simply make your income from the adsense ads on your site. The information (content) on your site needs to be good.

Another school of thought about making money with adsense is to create loads of sites, and earn a small amount off each - which then adds up to a high income. You may want to check out this software if that option appeals; and download the free ebook which is brilliant - it is a real life case study of a guy in India whose earnings are amazing, using this software - they give you video proof in the book. It's very interesting reading!:

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