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Make Money With Blogs

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What is a blog?

How can you make money with blogs?

Want to make easy money internet for free?

I will tell you all you need to know to get started here.

So, what is a blog? A blog is like an online diary really. Somewhere to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. It’s very simple to set up and use and it’s FREE!

Log onto for a free tour of how to set up a blog.

You can make money blogging (good money too) if you understand these key points;

Keywords and how to use them for best results.

Writing great content.

How to find a niche subject

How to get links
and a few other very useful tips all of which I picked up from a great blogging e-book I invested in. More about that soon.

What are the benefits of knowing how to make money with blogs?

It's a simple, fun way to make money once you have learned the crucial points that need to be followed.

It only takes a small amount of time on a regular basis.

You can create a fairly passive income just as you can with your own website.
It's very flexible as with most online businesses.

You can blog day or night.

A few years ago I knew zero about blogs. I didn't even know what a blog was. I thought it was something for youngsters who wanted to chat to each other online! I certainly didn't know how to make money blogging. This book leads you through all the basics first, so is ideal for newbies.

Anyone can start a blog but to make money with blogs is a completely different matter. The young chap who wrote this makes upwards of $500 a day with blogs apparently. So, I figured he was a good person to follow!

What I did wrong initially however was, I didn’t take on board the importance of finding a niche area to blog about. He explains exactly how to do this (I ignored it and decided to blog about whatever I wanted). This can make the difference between making a lot of money blogging…or not!

Click here for more info.

You can have any number of blogs

As with some of the other ways of making money online that I mention on this site, it helps if you know your subject and feel passionate about it.

You can simply blog about your daily life if you have an interesting life. People love to have a window into someone else’s life (a bit like watching big brother I guess).

What I like about make money blogging is that it’s fun, very flexible – you can do just 10 - 30 minutes a day, at any time of the day – and it’s free to do of course.

Have a look at other people’s blogs

See what the most successful ones do. Simply pick a subject e.g. travel or fishing or whatever, add the word 'blogs' after it and type that into a search engine. The results on the first 2 pages are the ones to study.

Often it seems like the most long-standing blogs are the ones that rank well in the search engines, (as long as the content is good too, obviously). So if you blog regularly for 6-12 months or more you will be rewarded financially for your commitment because by then you will have built up a lot of web visitors.

Where does the income come from?

The income will come from adsense ads that you put on your blog, products and information (eg ebooks) that you sell via links from your blog.

What you sell from your blog should be relevant to what you are blogging about.

You may have an existing business that you want to expand. Maybe you sell health products for instance. Why nor start a blog about what you do, then link to your website or email so people can buy from you. You may simply be interested in a particular subject. You can then find e-books about that subject to sell from your blog.

The blogger guy I mentioned earlier tells you all about how to do this. He started to make money with blogs within months by the way, but he uses ‘tricks of the trade’ that I expect most bloggers don’t necessarily know about.

I think anyone can make money with blogs if they learn all about it first. You can soon pick up the necessary skills then just keep at it regularly and long-term and your blog can make you a good income. Even while you sleep! It’s a great way to make money online, and can fit around a busy life really easily.

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