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Make Money From Your Website

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The Best Ways To Make Money From Your Website
Owning your own website can be a very profitable way of making money online, and can be a very cheap way to make money on the Internet ' providing you are willing to put in a lot of time and effort.
Currently you can have your own website set up for a year for around a price of £40. This will include the web-hosting (the space for you to upload your files and to allow people to browse your site) and the domain-name (the name that will be used as your website address). For cheap web hosting we recommend that you use the world's current leader in hosting:Grab your $0.01 (ONE CENT) hosting . . . AND a FREE $25 voucher for Google's AdWords program!!

Google Adsense
Adsense has to be the number once choice when it comes to making money from your website. Millions of people are making money from the Adsense program, and as long as you have some kind of website then you can start to make money from it too. You can join the Adsense program for free, and when you log in to the website you will be able to choose the kind of adverts you want to display on your site ' text adverts, banners, referral links, etc. You can blend these adverts in nicely to the content on your website, and then upload the code. You will start to make money every time a visitor clicks on your Adsense advertisements.The amount of money you will earn from Adsense will depend on the content of your website (celebrity and picture websites wont earn you much whereas credit card and finance websites will) and it will also depend on the amount of clicks you get on your adverts.

High Profits
High Profits is an affiliate site where you can sell someone else's products on your own website. All you have to do is add banners and text links made by High Profits and you can earn upto $20 per sale you make from them. If you're unsure about affiliate marketing then wikipedia have a great page about it!High Profits has only been around since May 2009 but already have got reported conversions of 1 sale per 7 clicks on some of their digital products, well worth pushing your website traffic towards once you have a website set up on a good host
Apply to join High Profits for free here

Clickbank is one of the Internets most popular affiliate portals, allowing product owners a simple and effective way to sell their item on the web, and allowing website owners and publishers the chance to advertise these items and earn a commission for any sales made. Clickbank specialises in selling digital products only, which are usually e-books and software programs. These 'non-physical' items are very simple to make money from, either from the manufacturer's point of view, and from the web-publisher or affiliate's point of view. ...More information on Clickbank
Apply to join Clickbank for free here
If you make ANY site then capturing people's emails is a must. You can email all the people on your list to re-vist the site or send them promotions or offers which you can make money from. Aweber is an email managment site which can send automated emails to a person when they sign up to the list. You can also send other pre-written emails to people on the list, say every week after they sign up making them think that you're up to date an keeping in touch. Aweber also has a good delivery rate, i.e. most emails don't get placed into the spam folder.

Kontera is another nice way to make money from your website, and again you are able to blend the adverts in to your site content so people don't even notice the advertisements. Kontera specialise in something called 'Inline Ads' ' basically adverts that appear on certain words of your website's content. You can apply to join Kontera for free and then log on to their website and download your advert code. By inserting the code into every page of your website, the Kontera system will automatically scan your website and will underline certain words throughout the content on your page. Then when someone scrolls their mouse cursor over one of these words, and then clicks the advertisement, you will earn money.Again, with Kontera the amount of money you will earn from their program will depend on the content of your website and the amount of clicks you manage to receive.

Bidvertiser is another website advertising program which is very similiar to the Google Adsense program. You simply join the Bidvertiser website as a publisher, and then download some advertisements to place on your site. The advertisement code will be able to track the theme of your website or blog, and will then display relevant advertisements on your page. You are able to customise the advertisements by choosing various different colours and banner sizes, which is again similiar to the Google Adsense program. You can also earn money from referring people to join the Bidvertiser program (as a publisher and as an advertiser).
The Ad Network
The Ad Network is quite a strange choice on this page, considering the size and reputations of all the other advertising schemes listed on this website. However, I included this program because near enough anyone can make money thanks to their site. You can earn £10 for joining the Ad Network, and then can earn £5 a month for hosting 3 banners on 3 of your websites pages. Though this isn't a great deal of money, I think it is great value considering the Ad Network doesn't mind how many visitors your website actually receives ' or how good the content of your website is. This means that any sites are accepted in to their program (except adult/illegal content) and so I think that if you can't quite make a website that does well with any of the 3 advertising programs above, then the Ad Network is definitely for you (at least until you can improve your website reputation a little)...

The Matched Program
The Matched advertising network is another quite strange choice for this page, and it is quite similiar to the above Ad Network. The site is still very small and has only recently been launched, though it seems that there will be plenty of people wanting to join the site. You can earn £3 for every advert you display on your website, per month that the adverts are displayed, with a maximum of 5 adverts allowed per website. This means you can earn £15 per website per month. You are currently only allowed to show adverts on a maximum of 5 different websites. Therefore just from the Matched advertising program you could be earning £75 per month just from displaying a few adverts on your pages. As with the Ad Network, the Matched program doesn't seem to be very fussy about the websites that it accepts into its advertising program. As long as your website doesn't contain illegal content, it will probably get accepted. It doesn't matter if your website doesn't get any visitors, or doesn't contain any recent or quality content, you can still make money from it...

Affiliate Future
Affiliate Future is one of the most well known and popular affiliate networks that you can join. If you apply to join Affiliate Future for free and get accepted, you will have the chance to join any of the thousands of affiliate programs that are listed on the Affiliate Future website. There are affiliate programs to suit every website's needs - from car insurance affiliates to food retailer affiliates. When you find an affiliate program that you think would suit your needs, you simply apply to join - and if accepted, you can start displaying their advertisements on your website. This means that if someone was to click on your affiliate link on your website, and then go on to make a purchase or join that website etc, you would earn a certain amount of money - a commission. This amount of commission will depend on the affiliate relationship that you have, but you can easily make a lot of money from displaying affiliate links on your website.
Auction Ads
Auction Ads is a very new way to make money from your website. You will be able to display adverts that contain links to live eBay auctions, and you will gain commission from people visiting the auctions directly from your website. You only make money from Auction Ads when someone places a winning bid on an auction, when someone puchases an item in the 'Buy It Now' format and when someone signs up to the eBay website. You can earn around £11 when someone joins eBay from your link, and the amount of money you earn from the auctions depend on the revenue that eBay receives from that user listing the auction on their website. At the moment Auction Ads gives it's users the full 100% commission that eBay pays out to them, which is a very generous amount of money. Auction Ads also has it's own affiliate program - you can currently earn 5% of the revenue made from every person that you refer to Auction Ads. Currently all new sign ups with Auction Ads receive a £12.50 cash bonus, withdrawable when you have earned £25...

Text Link Ads
If your website is particularly successful, and manages to obtain a high Google PageRank (a rating of 0-10 which your website receives from Google, which is used as a benchmark by other websites/people to show how popular your site is) you will start to be able to sell text advertisements. These will be small, 2 or 3 word text links to other websites, who pay you a certain rate to advertise on your website for a set period of time (usually a month). If you own a website which has a PageRank of 5, you could expect to earn around £30 a month from selling once text-link advert on your website. This is set up by the Text Link Ads website, who take a percentage of the final sale price of the link. You can apply to the Text Link Ads program and they will then contact you when someone wishes to purchase a text link on your site. The amount of money you can expect to earn from the Text Link Ads program will depend on how successful your website is.

Azoogle Ads
Azoogle Ads is another online advertising program which is similar to Google Adsense and Bidvertiser. You can sign up to Azoogle Ads as a publisher and can display their advertisements on your website/blog pages and earn money from visitors clicking these adverts (or get paid for every impression on your website). Azoogle Ads is again an American based advertising company but you can apply from any countries around the world. Once accepted into their program you will be able to display a variety of different advertisements on your websites (the majority of their adverts are in text form though) and you will then start to make money from your website...

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