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Make Money From Listening To Music Online

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As the Internet grows and evolves with each day that passes, new and interesting ways of making money online seem to be appearing. At least this is the case with the website, Slice The Pie.
Slice The Pie is a website that was set up to help emerging and up-and-coming music artists to get noticed, allowing them to get people to listen to their music, to gain feedback on their music, and also to enable people to invest in the artists, giving the artists a much needed financial backing.
More importantly, Slice The Pie pays people to listen and rate music online. Anyone can join the site for free, can go to the 'scouting room' and can listen, rate and review music tracks by unsigned artists.
Earning Money From Music Online
At Slice The Pie you will earn 3p for every 30 second clip of a track that you rate and review (simply leave a few lines reviewing the track). Although you are only earning 3p per track, this rate can be improved upon. The higher your own rank, the more money you will be able to earn per track. Your rank is dependant on the amount of tracks you listen to, and on the quality of your track reviews. There are currently 5 different levels ' 3p per track, 6p per track, 9p per track, 15p per track and 21p per track.
So on average, if you were to listen to, rate and review an average of 1.5 tracks per minute, at the lowest level you would be earning around '3 per hour. If you had the highest rating you could be earning around '20 per hour.
Receiving Your Payments
Slice The Pie payouts its members earnings currently only by Paypal. These earnings can be cashed in when you have around '10 in your account, which shouldn't take too long to accumulate.
The great thing about making money from Slice The Pie is that it can actually be a very enjoyable and addictive process. You get to listen to a variety of new, different music, get a chance to influence the music industry, have the chance of improving your own ranking as a music reviewer, and you are also getting paid at the same time! It is well worth joining if you want to earn a little extra money in your spare time.

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