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Make Money From Credit Cards

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Currently lots of people are actually making money from applying for and using various credit cards. There are several different types of credit cards that have incentives for people to use them, which means people can apply, get accepted (hopefully!), use the card once, and then receive the free-gift or any other reward.
It is not certain how credit ratings work, but it is best not to apply to too many credit cards at once. Try and apply for one, wait for their response, and then try and wait a few months before applying for the next one. This way you shouldn't be building up a bad credit rating (perhaps even a good one), and it also helps you to avoid any complications that might arise from owning too many cards at once (missing out important payments, etc).
How To Make Money Applying For Credit Cards
Most credit cards that offer some kind of reward will require you to make a purchase on the card itself. Usually they won't actually set a price for your purchase, so if you wanted you could simply purchase a magazine or pack of sweets (something cheap) and pay using your credit card, thus activating your reward. If you couldn't trust yourself not to use the card over and over, building up a hefty credit bill, it would be a good idea to simply snap the card in two. Then you won't be tempted to use the credit card again.
Now from activating the reward by making a transaction, you will have to remember to pay off the credit card bill in full, within the allocated timeslot. If you forget or delay too long in making this payment, you could be charged a nasty rate of interest on your purchase. Therefore it is important to pay off your credit card bill in full as soon as possible.
Hopefully as soon as you have made your transaction you will have triggered the reward, which should be the main reason that you applied for the credit card in the first place. However, some cards will have long introductory periods of 0% interest on payments ' meaning that you can continue using your card making transactions (as long as you remember to pay off the bill in full). Do what you please with the card once you are happy that the reward or incentive for using the credit card has been given to you.
List Of Available Credit Cards And Their Rewards:
Amazon £15 Gift Voucher
Apply for the Amazon Credit Card and just make one spend on it to receive 1500 Amazon Points ' which can be converted to a free £15 gift voucher, available to use on the Amazon website. Amazon sells thousands of products on their site, mainly focusing on DVD's, Computer Games, Books and Music. The card also comes with a 6 month period of 0% interest on purchases made, so you can continue to use it for 6 months and not have to pay anything extra on your purchases.

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