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Make Money From A Squidoo Lens

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Squidoo - Click here to sign up to Squidoo for free
Squidoo is another reasonably new website which is currently growing in popularity, and is another excellent source of making money online for free.At Squidoo you sign up at their website and then open your own free account, and after doing so you will be provided with your own 'Lens'. A lens is basically the name of your profile page, and you can use your profile however you like, and can earn money from it using a variety of different methods.
What Is Squidoo?
Squidoo is pretty much like another typical blog site ' you sign up for free, choose your website (lens) title, and then you are able to upload content to your page. You can place advertisements on your page, and these adverts can be used to earn you money.
Earning Money From Squidoo
At Squidoo the best way of earning money is by placing advertisements on your page, and by using affiliate links of any kind. Squidoo tracks any earnings that you make from your Lens, and allows you to receive payment when you so wish. You can also opt to share your earnings with a charity of your choice if you like, though I think the majority of people that use Squidoo prefer to get paid their earnings instead.
As with owning your own blog, or even website, the major stumbling block when trying to earn money from having your own site is actually getting people to go to it. Without visitors you can't expect to get many clicks on the adverts that you display, and so you can't expect to earn much money. Similarly you won't get many affiliate link sales if you don't get many website visitors, and so you must realise that it pays to own a popular website. If your site doesn't attract many visitors, you won't be able to sell advertising space on your Squidoo page for a very high price either.
Getting People To Visit Your Squidoo Lens
This is where it comes in handy to have a bit of knowledge regarding search engine optimisation and such ' without having the knowledge or ability of getting people to go to your website, then you shouldn't expect to be able to make much money from using Squidoo.
However if you are able to create good, interesting content on your Squidoo lens, then you will have no trouble making money from Squidoo. Visitors equals revenue, so remember that by making a popular and interesting Squidoo page you will be increasing your likeliness of making a nice amount of money from our own Squidoo lens.

Click here to sign up to Squidoo for free

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