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Using Ebay To Make Money

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Using ebay to make money.

If you want to make money on ebay you certainly can - as long as you are prepared to learn. Using eBay to make money successfully is not simply about sticking junk from your loft into an auction and pocketing the profit! (That was news to me!)
This section takes you through:

What to sell

Where to find items to sell

Shares useful free tips
to help you sell successfully on ebay and gives you further resources for more advanced information about how to make money on ebay.

Products to sell on ebay and where to find them/how to make them/wholesalers

Discover the top items sold on ebay

There is a link at the bottom of this page to ALL the most popular eBay information available on the web today.
So do check that out if you decide that making money on ebay is for you. Or click here now, then come back to this page for lots of free tips!

Follow Your Bliss!
There are many people worldwide who are using ebay to make money, selling everything from cars to diamonds. What do YOU love to do in your spare time?

eBay is a great way to make money from your hobby. Let’s say you love cars, or you make jewellery. Maybe you love rare books, or maps or clothes, music or films… You can turn that into your business. Follow your bliss!

When I first started using ebay to make money I just listed items in the auctions at random times of the day, at a random starting price and hoped for the best. Wrong!

You may want to make easy money on eBay. You can, but you have to do your research first. I suggest that for one thing you follow the most successful eBayers, the Powersellers and note what they do.

To find out about one of the most popular books ever written about ebay written by a very successful ebayer simply click here.

I learned loads from this ebook.

If you have an existing business of your own you may find that you can use eBay to expand that business. I would guess that if you are already buying and selling items successfully then you are in a very good position to start using ebay to make money once you understand some important points…
There are essential tricks of the trade you need to know in order to attract lots of bidders to your items so that you end up selling for a good profit. For instance you need to know;
The best times of day to sell your item
How to word your listing (very important) so that people find it easily and want to bid on it...
and much, much more. I thought that a catchy headline would do the trick. Wrong again. Using ebay to make money can be challenging when you are a newbie!
You will have gathered by now that I learned the hard way. I didn’t know when I started out that there was information available by successful eBayers that would help me, and that it would help me make money on ebay faster and more easily than my ‘teach yourself’ route.

I highly recommend you read everything you can about what the top earners on eBay do. How are they using ebay to make money? What are they selling? How many items do they list in auctions each day? How many items are in their shop?

Invest in good information and you’ll actually end up saving a lot of money that you will otherwise waste on unnecessary eBay fees. The best book I have found about how to make money on ebay is called The Silent Sales Machine and I review this in detail in the review section on this site.
For a free newsletter or more information about Silent Sales Machine simply click here.

Why Have An eBay Shop?
Should you have an ebay shop?

Something vital I learned from successful eBay sellers was to open my own eBay shop. I hadn’t realized when I started out that this would save me a fortune in listing fees! I just saw it as another expense. The cheapest shop is all most people need, you can always upgrade once you are really successful. You get your own domain name which is a real plus, and an online identity - a bit like having your own website.

You have to have bought and/or sold about 20 items and received ‘good feedback’ before you can open a shop. Why not buy things you want to resell on ebay? That way you don't waste money.

Here's a Totally Different Way To Make Money On eBay:
A relatively new way to make money on ebay is to build a niche store. I don't have personal experience yet about this so please click here for more info:

Make money ebay store - How to build a niche store click here
Bear in mind that using ebay to make money means that you are likely to spend a lot of your time wrapping items that you have sold and posting them off to customers. (Unless of course you use the dropshipping technique where you just find customers and make sales, no posting or stock required! - more info on next page - click here.)

So, if you don’t like those activities, this may not be for you! Having said that, once your business is doing well, you could pay someone else to do that part for you!

There are people making substantial incomes on eBay ($10,000 monthly for instance). And many others who are making a useful part-time extra income. As with any business, learn all about it, treat it like a business, enjoy it, and you could also be using ebay to make money - successfully.

As there's so much to say about what to sell on ebay (and where to find stuff to sell) I've written a new section just about that:

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