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Paid Forum Posting Jobs To Make Money Online

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Paid Forum Posting Jobs To Make Money Online
Being paid to post on website forums can be quite an easy activity, especially if it's on a forum which you already use, or if it's on a topic which is enjoyable to talk about and which is a subject that you are already knowledgeable in.
Usually when someone owns a website based on a specific topic, one of the best ways to promote the website would be to get in to a forum which is related to the same subject, and try and promote the website. Usually the only way to advertise on a forum is in the user's signature; a short piece of text that is automatically posted whenever someone makes an entry on a forum. Usually the signature will just contain a text link to that person's website, and maybe a short description of the site too.
Some people don't agree with paid forum posting, as it encourages people to just 'spam' related interest forums in the hope that it will give their website more visitors and more interest. A lot of the time when someone is paid to post in forums they will simply write short sentences, contributing nothing spectacular to the forum itself. This is to just increase their number of posts on that forum, so that they can finish the job quicker and easier without having to think about contributing something worthwhile to the discussion.
Another use of having your website link in a large amount of post signatures on forums is that sometimes when the search engines trawl through the forum data they will find plenty of website links to various sites, and this can help to increase your website page rank and its overall search engine ranking.
Paid forum posting usually pays per post, or per 100 posts made. The usual rate is around 10 pence per post made, so 100 posts would obviously earn you £10 which isn't too bad. Obviously this isn't going to make you rich any time soon, but it does serve as a nice little bit of extra cash on the side, especially if you are posting on a forum that you normally use ' if you spend your free time contributing to certain forums, then why not get paid for doing so?
The best place to find paid forum posting jobs is usually on webmaster forums. This is because most of these people own or have an interest in owning websites, and so they usually try and hire people to contribute to forums that are related to their website. Search Google for website owner forums or something similar, and have a look to see if anyone is hiring in any of the threads on the forum.

Paid Forum Posting Job Websites
Digital Point Web ForumSign up to this webmaster forum for free, then log in and go to the "Buy, Sell or Trade" thread, then click on "Services" and then "Content Creation". Or after signing up to the forum for free, click this link to be taken directly to the paid forum posts section Paid Forum Posts Link. You can also get paid for writing articles and creating other content in this section.
Webmaster Talk ForumYou can also sign up to this webmaster forum for free, then log in and go to the "Freelance jobs/Help wanted" thread, then click the "Freelance Writing Jobs" section. Alternatively, after signing up and loging in to the forum, click this link to be taken to the paid forum posting section. Paid Forum Posts Link 2. Again, you can also be paid for creating other written content on this section on the forum.

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